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Frequently Asked Quesions

Can any hotel work with Reserva?

Look for the channel Reserva in your pms or channel manager and choose what rate/s you want to map to Reserva. If your pms or channel manager does not support Reserva let us know and we will reach out to your provider.

How do I control what agency sees what contract rate?

Hotels and Car rentals can sync one or several rates from their inventory system to Reserva. In Reserva it's simple to discover agents, choose what rate/s should be in the contract and send them an offer, if they approve they can book, edit and cancel.

Is there some limit on how many suppliers or resellers I can work with?

No we embrace all partnerships in Reserva so we allow every hotel, car rental and travel agent to create as many contracts as they need.

Who receives the payment on sold gift cards?

The hotel is the merchant! Reserva Gift Cards works with your payment gateway so the hotel gets paid no matter if the gift card is used or not.

How can I sell gift cards online?

Reserva offers a website that displays all the gift cards so any customer can browse the giftcards, add one or more to a basket and checkout with a payment.

Can I control the inventory for gift cards?

Yes of course! It's possible to limit the amount of sold units as well as control the live inventory when the sold gift cards can be used. For example you could create a gift card, give it a name, set the inventory, validity and connect to a roomtype and rate. With the that you could sell up to 50 gift cards that are bookable oct-mar for the next 4 years from sell date.