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Gift Cards

Simply the best way for hotels to sell gift cards

  • Single and multi property gift cards
  • Roomtypes and upsell
  • Sell on hotel website
  • Connect your payment gateway
  • Works with 70+ pms and channel managers
  • No setup or monthly fee
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Why Reserva Gift Cards?

Discover why Reserva Gift Cards is the best!

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 Beautiful gift cards that are connected to a rate plan and have a fixed price, inventory, validity, title, description and length of stay.

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Manually issue or sell on your website and get paid immediately. Works with the current hotel website and change fonts, color and layout to stay on brand.

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Booking engine that uses live inventory and displays data based on the gift card that is used

Main Features

Hotel gift cards automated and taken to the next level

Making it easy for hoteliers to create and sell gift cards that allow anyone with a gift card to create a reservation without contacting the hotel.

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Single or multi property

Gift Cards can give access to one or more hotels and allow the gift card holder to choose its hotel based on availability

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Sell online

Publish gift cards to the webstore so anyone can browse and buy.

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Sell in person

Admin dashboard where hoteliers can manually issue a gift card.

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Full control

Every gift card type can have its validity so when a gift card is sold it has an expiration date.

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Lenght of stay

Gift Cards can have a fixed number of nights giving the booking engine the logic that it needs.

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Text & Images

Beautiful gift cards have their own title, description and images.

Ready to sell more gift cards?

It's easy to get started with one or more gift cards and then edit or unpublish from website

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